Resource-oriented Psychotherapy

Personal crises first of all require regular conversations to re-establish contact with oneself and to get a clear head.
Access to your own resources and competences that you have built up throughout life will help to stabilise yourself step by step and to take new paths.


A multitude of psychological disorders, such as depression, burn-out, fears or lack of self-worth arise from reoccurring feelings and inner conflicts.
Good access to your own different ego states, or personality parts, allows us not only to get to know them better and to accept them, but also to use them for personal development.


Stressful life events, but also negative childhood memories can be treated well with scientifically based neurotherapy, such as EMDR, EMI or eye position work.
These methods use neurobiological processes to deal with the associated, overflowing negative feelings bit by bit and to reduce your suffering.


Almost all negative feelings are unconsciously anchored and can be changed almost exclusively through the unconscious mind.
Hypnosis makes it possible to establish this contact in a gentle way, to activate your own dormant resources and to establish the desired change in the long term via a new neuronal network.


Personal development goals require a focused approach in order to formulate your own ideas step by step and to develop options for action.
The systemic perspective helps to understand your own needs, to use your resources and competences and to develop solutions in good contact with the environment.


The next career step invites you to reflect on your own competencies and expectations and to bring them in line with new professional challenges.
Step by step, a strategy is developed that leads to greater professional fulfilment and personal success, but also keeps an eye on your personal life balance.

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