Initial consulation

The initial consultation is important and lasts 50 minutes. We get to know each other and get an idea of your concerns and the goals of our cooperation. On this basis, we will discuss how to proceed together: Psychotherapy or coaching, duration, costs and of course any questions and wishes you may have.

Individual session

Depending on your needs and agreement, therapy sessions can last 50 or 80 minutes. Coaching sessions always last 80 minutes due to the interventions carried out. You decide on the frequency – whether once a week, once a month, once a year or according to current needs.

Short term therapy

Specific psychological complaints such as depressive moods, anxiety states or intense reactions to stressful life events require regular conversations, often at weekly intervals. In most cases – and depending on the depth and constellation of the problem – the first improvement of symptoms occurs after 5 – 10 sessions.


States of relaxation can be easily created with the oldest healing method in the world, and trance induction also allows contact with the subconscious in a gentle way. This can be helpful to make use of hidden potentials and possibilities in harmony with oneself.

Coaching Program

Personal development goals require a focused approach in order to effectively anchor new options for action and enable concrete change. We develop them step by step together in our coaching sessions. As a rule, 3 – 5 coaching sessions of 80 minutes each ensure reliable results.

Personal workshop

A personal development space around a central theme is the best option for achieving relevant results in the shortest possible time and developing detailed options for action. The total package includes 60 minutes of preliminary discussion, 180 minutes of workshop and 60 minutes of debriefing with written analysis and strategy recommendation.

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